Finding funding

There are many sources of funding available to education settings for biodiversity improvements and outdoor learning equipment. Below is a list of some of the charity, corporate and government schemes with relevant funding opportunities at a national level that we'll add to over time. This is guide and not a comprehensive list.

Where possible, we've contacted providers to confirm that the information listed is up to date. However, we're not responsible for the accuracy of the information, suitability of the funding or whether the funding is still available. We can't support applications or hold responsibility for the outcome of applications. 

If you know of relevant national funding sources not listed below, contact us with information on eligibility, criteria, amount and an up-to-date web link and we'll add it to the list.


Fundraising and grants

The Royal Horticultural Society are managing a grant fund on behalf of the Department for Education in line with the Nature Park programme. This fund is for a select list of eligible education settings and is not an open call. 

For fundraising approaches see guidance from the Royal Horticultural Society, information on the Environmental Funders Network website and platforms for fundraising, such as Crowdfunder or JustGiving.

Biodiversity projects or outdoor learning equipment

Tree or hedgerow funding