Poetry and nature

A key aspect of supporting learners to navigate their responses to the ideas surrounding changes to climate and biodiversity is to embed opportunities for them to reflect on, explore and articulate their emotions through writing, speaking, drama, music and the arts. 

The following resources, one for each Key Stage, have been developed by the Poetry Society in line with the National Curriculum to facilitate creative poetry writing about key issues.

Royal Meteorological Society climate change content quality mark


~ 1 hour


Each resource includes the following components, guiding you through the activity: 

  • Background information about a climate and biodiversity issue
  • ‘Read a Poem’ – A selected poem from the Young Poets Network
  • ‘Think about the poem’ – Focused questions to explore and discuss the poem
  • ‘Write your own poem’ – Support and structure for learners to write their own poem
  • ‘Final thoughts’ – A concluding opportunity to support reflection and positive action

*These poetry resources can support English curriculum learning outcomes. If you are focusing on other subjects, these resources can be used for discussion and reflection, rather than focusing on assessment of writing