Weather on the Isle of Struay

This range of short activities encourages pupils to compare the weather of their own locality and the fictional Isle of Struay, which is based on the real Island of Coll.  

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Download the resources below and follow links in the step by step to share with learners during the activities.


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Step by step

How is Struay similar to, and different from, our locality?

In this series of activities pupils explore similarities and differences between their own locality and the island of Coll (fictionalised as the isle of Struay in the Katie Morag books by Mairi Hedderwick). Learners draw on what they have learnt already, in order to compare landscapes, weather, people and transport on Coll with their own locality. Through this they are introduced to the effects of climate on landscapes and that people design houses to keep out the weather.

Activity one

Look at the slides and use for discussion about the weather and housing. Any information about houses and landscapes can then be used in activity two.

Daily weather forecast for Coll

Activity two

Organise learners in small groups:

  • Groups working with support to make a model of Struay or the mainland locality, based on learning from the first activity, and to label main features.
  • Groups working independently to make collage pictures of either Struay or the mainland locality, and label main features.
  • Groups working with support to make models of Coll and the mainland locality using maps and photographs, adding labels to main features.
  • Encourage children to talk about similarities and differences between the two places.

You will need:

  • Maps of the Isle of Coll
  • Photos of Coll and the mainland locality
  • Photos of houses on Coll
  • Katie Morag story books

Visit Coll Website

Activity three

Ask pupils to use the adapted worksheets to make a list of ways that where they live is the same and different to the isle of Struay, where Katie Morag lives.

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