21 Mar 2024

Celebrating World Poetry Day with the Nature Park

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students writinngg on grass
To mark World Poetry Day, we are excited to share this Nature Park collective poem which was created by pupils at a testing day in July 2023, and performed by St Philip's CofE Primary School. It is introduced by poet Dom Conlon, who ran the activity with pupils at RHS Bridgewater last year.


Preview image for the video "A Nature Park collective poem for World Poetry Day 2024".

Our school is a place where we respect biodiversity and its habitats  

Our school isn’t a place where we take advantage of natural resources

Our school is a place for wildlife to be cherished

Our school isn’t made to be empty

Our school is made to be full of life    

Gardens are bright and colourful, not gloomy and desperate

Our school isn’t made for sadness or feeling lonely    

It's a place for peacefulness where we all can play  

Our school is a place for nature to rule

Our school is not a place for bare soil

Our school is a place for nature where you can smell all the beautiful flowers

Bright flowers with a vision of perfection

Our school is not a place full of electric artificial light but full of sunshine and rainbows    

Our school is a place for life and adventure

Where children and nature are nourished and well-nurtured 

A special thank you to the following schools who attended the testing day and contributed to the collective poem:  
  • Christ the King RC Primary School, Salford  
  • Ellenbrook Primary School  
  • Salford City Academy  
  • St Philip’s CofE Primary School, Atherton  
  • St Edmund’s RC Primary School, Salford  
  • Westhoughton High School

The Nature Park’s Write a poem activity, created in collaboration with The Poetry Society, encourages children and young people to imagine the future of their outdoor space through the process of poetry. This is a great activity to start thinking about the impact different changes could have for people and nature on your site.