Choosing your registration type

Note that the programme is currently only available in England.

Staff at a school, nursery or college

Anyone who is staff at an education setting that is registered with the Department for Education and therefore has a URN (unique reference number) can register to join the Nature Park. This includes any and all types of state and independent schools, nurseries and colleges. Multiple staff from the same setting can all join. A whole school approach to implementation of climate and nature education leads to improved outcomes for children and young people. Teachers, teaching assistants, estates managers, gardeners, senior leadership – all are welcome.

If you work at more than one education setting check to see whether any of the options below fit. If not, select the setting at which you spend the most time. Note this is the only registration type that allows you to add habitat data to the official Nature Park map and you can only be linked to one setting.

If you work in childcare on domestic premises (for example a childminder) go to 'Home educator' below.

Central Multi Academy Trust staff

If you work centrally for a trust, for example in the curriculum team, trust operations or business management then select this option. It is important that other staff from each individual setting within the trust register for each site separately and complete the nature park process with the learners at that particular site, rather than participation or data entry being controlled centrally – but support and endorsement from central trust staff and senior leadership will greatly aid participation.

Trainee Teacher or Trainee EYFS practitioner

If you are currently working towards a qualification to be a teacher or early years practitioner, whether that is at a university, college, SCITT or other initial teacher education provider, register using this option.

ITE provider

If you provide courses for trainee educators, for example as a university lecturer, select this option. If you also work in a nursery, school or college select the first option.

Home educator or Childminder

If you are providing education for children or young people in your family, or to others within a network of home educators, choose this option. If you work with home education groups but are not currently personally home educating, either the charity staff or tutor options are likely to be more appropriate.

Some nurseries or childminders may be ofsted registered but not have a publicly available URN if they are on domestic premises. If this is you, please register using the home educator option and put 'childcare on domestic premises' in the job title section.

Charity staff

If you work for an organisation such as a conservation charity, an eco-education charity, campaigning organisation or other charitable professional body select this option. This is most appropriate where your organisation delivers relevant activities to education settings or supports them to engage with climate and nature as part of its mission. If you work for a charity but your work with education settings is independently as an individual rather than the work of the organisation, then the volunteer option is likely to be more appropriate.

Volunteer supporting schools nurseries or colleges

If you visit one or more education settings to support them with your expertise on a voluntary basis select this option. Whether you do this as part of corporate volunteering, as a parent, as a student, a scientist or to contribute to your local community – as long as you are not employed by an education setting and not being paid, this is the appropriate option.

Local Authority staff

If you work for a local authority and want to help some or all of the settings in your local authority join and participate then select this option.


If you work with one or more young people outside of a nursery, school, college or family setting to support their learning select this option. For example in holiday programmes, catch up classes, ESL support or supporting learners with complex additional needs.