Barefoot safari

This activity challenges children to explore a short trail barefoot, which can aid physical awareness and promote wellbeing by encouraging children to be mindful of the sensations they are experiencing and relax. Encouraging children to describe what they are feeling can aid development of vocabulary.

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< 30 minutes


Download the resource below for step by step instructions.

What you need

  • Identify a short pre-determined route. This could be a pathway over grass, along a wooded area, behind bushes or even a pop up trail on tarmac
  • Incorporate a series of different surfaces en route such as: bark mulch; rounded gravel, fir cones; sand; pebbles; long grass; leaf litter and not forgetting some mud!
  • Areas of loose parts may need separating by sections of natural ground.
  • Large scrubbing brushes, water and towels at the end of the trail are advisable for cleaning up dirty feet!


  • Outdoors