Classroom carbon footprint survey

Use this simple classroom carbon footprint survey to investigate and compare classrooms around the school. It demonstrates small actionable changes that learners can help to make to have an impact, and which will be more effective if everyone works together. It also shows that tackling climate change is not all about personal responsibility, but about what we can achieve as a community. Emphasising the collective difference we can make can support learners' wellbeing.

~ 1 hour


Download the survey and 

What you need

  • Survey sheet for each group
  • Clipboards and pencils


  • Indoors/outdoors

Curriculum links

  • Science
  • Citizenship 

Step by step

This could be conducted as a class or in small groups. 

  1. Begin by showing the learners the survey and discuss how they might record their findings. For example, they might make their own table and record observations for each section of the survey.
  2. Work with groups to decide which classroom or area they will survey.
  3. Give learners enough time to conduct their survey and analyse their results. 
  4. Ask each group to present their findings and share recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint of their chosen classroom.