A little whittling

A simple guide to whittling some simple projects safely with potato peelers. Whittling with peelers is a fun, safe way to introduce young people to woodworking skills and get creative with nature. Learners can develop their hand eye coordination, spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills, and their ability to manage risk.  

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< 30 minutes


Download the resource below and choose a simple whittling project. Examples of what you might whittle include:  

  • Wands – for role play and story telling 
  • Little people –for imaginative play  
  • Christmas decorations - for enterprise 
  • Skittles – for number bonds 
  • Animals – for adaptations and habitat 
  • Toasting sticks – using tools safely to serve a purpose  
  • Tent pegs – a sustainable and useful resource for shelter building

What you need

  • Potato peelers
  • Sticks of green wood such as willow, about a forearms length, and a thumbs thickness


  • Outdoors