Make a windmill

Wind can be used to power things. This template and set of instructions guides pupils to make their own paper or card windmill, which can be followed by a discussion of how windmills provide power and the kinds of things this can be used for now and in the past.

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< 30 minutes


What you need

  • Windmill template
  • Colouring pens
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or knitting needle
  • Blu-Tack (or similar)
  • A paper fastener
  • A small bead that can go through the paper fastener
  • A cardboard tube (from kitchen towels would be ideal)


  • Indoors or outdoors

Curriculum links

  • Science
  • Design and Technology

Step by step

Share the instructions below with pupils to guide them through the construction of their windmills

Instructions for learners:

  1. Print the windmill template and cut it out along the dotted lines.
  2. Decorate with colourful patterns.
  3. Put the lump of Blu-Tack under a little circle where you need to make a hole.
  4. Use a pencil or knitting needle to make a hole. You need to make five holes, as shown on the template.
  5. Fold towards the centre and push a paper fastener through all five holes.
  6. Thread a small bead on the back of the paper fastener.
  7. Make a hole near the top of your cardboard tube.
  8. Push the paper fastener in the hole and fold the ends back to stop it from coming out again.
  9. You can decorate the cardboard tube to make it more colourful.

You can finish by having a discussion about how the windmills are used to generate power.