Display a Nature Park plaque

Use these Nature Park plaque templates to mark the new habitats and spaces you have created, and tell the rest of your school, nursery or college about what your hopes are for it. 

< 30 minutes
All ages


Download the file you wish to use, and see below for some guidance on how to use and display your plaque.

Step by step

  1. Download your plaque file. The PDF files are editable - simply use the form fields to add information on the habitat improvement you have made, and how others in your school, nursery or college can help look after it. 
  2. Print out your plaque - you can print the PDF designs using a paper printer.
  3. Alternatively, can learners design and create their own Nature Park signs to display on site? Use drawing, collage or photographs to illustrate the improvement and how to look after it.
  4. Make sure to laminate your plaque to make it weatherproof and help it last longer! Some printing providers can also offer weatherproof materials for outdoor signage and posters.
  5. Display your plaque in your new and improved space, so everyone can celebrate the difference you have made!