Rising Sea Levels - How do we stay safe as sea levels rise?

This resource focuses on the topic of rising sea levels. It includes a short video and some project ideas to support learners to explore how flooding might affect local areas and how we might mitigate the impacts. Options include investigating how much flooding occurs near you, what happens when water temperature rises and a design activity: defend your town from the sea.

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~ 1 hour


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  • Citizenship
  • Design and Technology
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Begin by watching the video (2:30mins)

Preview image for the video "How can we stay safe as sea levels rise?".

Mr Anote Tong served as President of Kiribati from 2003 to 2016 and is well known for his efforts to raise global awareness on the threat posed by climate change. Two small Kiribati islets are reported to have disappeared underwater in 1999 and the predicted sea level rise of 50cm by 2100 suggests that within a century much of the land will be submerged.