Selecting plants: A Nature Park Guide

When making decisions about changes in our space, the choices we make about what, how and where we grow our plants will play a huge role in how successful and beneficial they will be. This guidance aims to demystify some key elements of selecting plants to enable you to make informed decisions with learners that will improve your space and thrive in your local environment. However, as well as brushing up on your plant knowledge, it’s also good to experiment and be creative! 

Our Planting for a Purpose resources will also help children and young people explore and choose plants, as well as linking to existing guidance and resources from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Making decisions

< 30 minutes
Educator Guidance


The following guide will introduce the key considerations to selecting plants for your Nature Park, but the important thing is to have fun, try things out and learn along the way – growing plants is a creative process as well as a scientific one.

This guidance download includes:

  • Right plant, right place - what to plant where
  • Planting for a purpose - selecting plants to help you achieve your goals
  • Reassurance and guidance on invasive species and nuisance plants
  • Information on harmful plants, and health and safety around plants
  • Guidance on where to source plants


Customer choosing plants at a garden centre

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