Weather and Seasons: Communication

Through a range of activities, learners can explore weather changes, understanding how different people and places are impacted differently. It is also important that learners begin to explore the ways in which people adapt to the changes. A range of suggested resources and activities can support learners to think about weather changes now and in the future.  

This is recommended as session five in the Key Stage One Weather and Seasons unit of learning, supporting learners to explore how we adapt, support each other, and communicate weather changes.



Green skills

  • Environmental Stewardship

Curriculum Links


  • To be able to talk about the lives of the people around them and their roles in society. 


  • To understand how simple fieldwork skills are used to measure weather patterns.

Step by step

Quick Starter Activity

Met Office Weather and climate stories

Preview image for the video "Weather warriors".

Use the Weather Warriors film from the Met Office as a stimulus for the following questions: 

  • What if you had to create a plan for visiting the beach safely? What would it include?
  • How do you feel when people give you advice for keeping safe?
  • Big question: What does it mean to be safe from the weather?

Main Activity Suggestions

Suggestion 1 (Indoor) 

Royal Meteorological Society: Staying safe in the sun. Use this sunlight factfile to explore the changes people make to protect themselves from the sun. 

Suggestion 2 (Indoor) 

Met Office: Extreme Weather Shelter. In this activity, learners take on the role of an engineer tasked to build a shelter and prepare it against two different types of extreme weather.

Suggestion 3 (Indoor) 

Royal Meteorological Society: Weather People. This fact sheet provides information on people who work with the weather to help us keep safe.

Top Tips

Invite some parents/guardians in who have a range of jobs to talk about who has helped them during different weather conditions, both at home and at work. Ensure learners have space to share their feelings about different weather conditions.