What is the difference between weather and climate?

Climate refers to the average weather at a place over long time periods, often 30 years. This activity allows learners to compare the climate with the weather on the day they are completing the activity, using up to date World Meteorological Organization data. 

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~ 1 hour


What you need


  • Indoors

Curriculum links

  • Geography

Step by step

Use the instructions below to guide learners through the activity, making use of the resources listed above.


What is out the window?

  • Have a look outside your classroom window, what do you see? What's the temperature? Is it raining or snowing? 
  • Look at the images of extreme weather; heat, hurricane, blizzard, sandstorm. 
  • How does the extreme weather make you feel? 
  • What would a typical day be like for you in summer, winter, spring and autumn?

Main Activity

  • In your groups, look at the location cards: Card selection one and card selection two. 
  • Between you, create climate graphs for each place using this WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) link. 
  • Compare the climate for each location with the weather it is experiencing today using the WMO data.


Wish you were here? 
Write a postcard from a holiday in a place in the UK or abroad. Describe what the climate is your location is normally like, and compare this to the weather on the day you are writing the postcard and over the course of your holiday. Have you experienced any extreme weather?