Celebrate your achievement!

Have you and your learners taken part in Habitat Heroes to mark Outdoor Classroom Day? Congratulations! You've been a part of a nationwide call to action, discovering what places for wildlife you have on your site, and mapping them on our interactive Habitat Heroes map

The next step is to recognise and celebrate this achievement with your school and wider community. Below are social media assets to share that your school are habitat heroes, as well as downloadable certificates to recognise learners' efforts and discoveries. Share your involvement with #EducationNaturePark and let us know what habitats you've found!

Getting to know your space

< 30 minutes
All ages

Social media badges

Share these social media badges to let everyone know your school took part in the challenge, and are habitat heroes! Right click each image below and save them to share with your community. 

Instagram asset
Square social media asset


Landscape asset (for X, LinkedIn, etc)
Landscape social media asset


Download and print these certificates to recognise learners' achievements - or your whole school!