Habitat Heroes

To mark Outdoor Classroom Day, we’re calling on children and young people all over the country to be a habitat hero! Join us on Thursday 23 May and take part in a nationwide activity to get outdoors, discover the homes for wildlife around you, and together we'll start to create a picture of the different types of spaces we have in schools, colleges and nurseries across the country.   

Habitat Heroes is also a great first step to prepare for mapping your site – so you can understand what you already have and focus your efforts on where it could be improved for both people and wildlife.

Check back soon, as more information will be added ready for the big day. In the meantime, try out the Hidden Nature Challenge to see what small signs of nature you can find outdoors.  

~ 1 hour


What you need
  • Habitat Heroes downloadable resources
  • A smartphone or tablet to map the habitats you've found on your site

The resources for Habitat Heroes are coming soon! On 23 May 2024, a QR code will be displayed here to direct you to the Habitat Heroes app! Habitat Heroes uses your location from your device, so make sure that you enable this or zoom in and add your point to the map manually. 



Useful guidance

Step by step

We've developed a set of resources that will invite children and young people to explore and familiarise themselves with the habitat types that make up the Nature Park, and the wildlife that might be found there. Even if you don’t feel you have spaces for wildlife around you, habitats are all around us in different shapes and sizes – we just have to look closely to find them!

After getting to know these different habitats, it’s time to head outdoors and search for what you might have on your doorstep. Using a location-based app, learners will be able to pinpoint where they have found a space for wildlife, take a photograph of it and share their thoughts about the space - contributing their discoveries to an interactive map of homes for nature all over the country! 

The resources for Habitat Heroes are coming in May 2024!

Thumbnail image: © RHS, Credit: RHS / Charlotte Ashe