Climate Change: Enquire

What causes climate change?

The purpose of this session is to support learners to understand the data and evidence that allows us to identify the link between human activity (in terms of carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions) and climate change.

This is recommended as session three in the KS3 Climate Change unit of learning, supporting learners to investigate the causes of climate change.

Royal Meteorological Society climate change content quality mark

< 30 minutes


Green Skills

  • Data interpretation
  • Communication

Step by step

Quick Starter Activity

Watch the following 6-minute video ‘Climate Change – How Fast is the World Warming?’ from the Met Office with your learners:

Preview image for the video "Climate Change - How Fast is the World Warming?".

After watching the video, ask learners to discuss the different ways scientists measure climate change and its causes.  

Learners can also be invited to respond to the video with three statements:

  • One thing I already knew 
  • One thing I learned from the video
  • One question I have now

Main Activity Suggestions

Suggestion 1 (Indoor)

Met Office: Exploring Climate Change Data. This activity supports learners to work out how climate change is measured, how to interpret data and climate change before and after the industrial revolution.

Suggestion 2 (Indoor)

Natural History Museum: What is the Anthropocene? This resource introduces the Anthropocene – the recent time in which humans have become the single most influential species on the planet, causing significant global warming and other changes to land, environment, water, organisms and the atmosphere.

Top Tips

This session may raise more questions about climate change and future scenarios. Ensure that learners have space to share their questions and responses to analysing the data on climate change, making links to future sessions and opportunities for making positive change.