Climate response

The purpose of this activity is to support young people to be able to respond confidently to the climate emergency and in a way that makes sense to them.

The activity learners to think about the ways in which everyone can choose to respond to the current situation - whether they see themselves as Doers, Shoppers, Learners, Shouters or all of the above.

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Royal Meteorological Society climate change content quality mark

~ 1 hour


Download the teacher guidance for step-by-step instructions, along with the slides and card sort.

What you need

  • Internet link and audio (ideally, but not essential)
  • Post-its and pens
  • 4 different coloured wool, ribbons or stickers (twice as many as you have people in the class)
  • Card sort
  • You may want to edit slides 7-12 to match the colours of the wool, ribbons or stickers


  • Indoors

Curriculum links

  • Science
  • Geography