Planning your Project: A Nature Park Guide

The beginning of a project might feel very daunting, but it can help to look at how far you have already come. What have you already found out? What have you discussed? What have you experienced? You are probably already halfway there. Taking action will be exciting, and a great learning experience for educators as well as learners. 

Making decisions

~ 1 hour
Educator Guidance


We have provided some guidance below to some key areas of project planning, such as:

  • What shall we do, and when?
  • Health and safety
  • How much will things cost?
  • What are everyone's roles and responsibilities?

Once you have explored the Start planning for nature activities, take a look at our interventions guidance to find out how to turn "grey to green" on your site. 


These handy resources can be completed with children and young people to plan your next steps. 

  • A Nature Park Project Plan template - this is helpful to keep learners on track and remind them of their goals, but could also be shared with your senior leadership team or rest of your school community to share your plans and get more people involved
  • A Half-term Planner template to plot out actions and steps for each half-term with your group - it includes an example planner to help get you started

Thumbnail image: © RHS, Credit: RHS / Edward Shaw