What is community science?

The meaning of community science is introduced, or revisited, by learners. The slides introduce the current state of nature in the UK, the value of community science and the role children and young people have as community scientists through the Nature Park habitat mapping process. 

< 30 minutes


What you need

Download the "What is community science?" slides.  

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Step by step

  1. Open the slides so all learners can see/access. 
  2. Discuss and share the information in the slides. In the notes section of the slides there is further information for each slide to help with your delivery. Encourage learners to discuss and share their thoughts and ideas throughout the session. 
  3. Encourage learners to discuss and/or write down their own community science profile (slide 10). This will help learners recognise they are community scientists too and begin to think about their role within the Nature Park habitat mapping. They will do this during the enquire session(s).