What do you want to know about climate change?

These resources from the Royal Society can be used to frame discussion and clarify questions learners may have about climate change. It can be shared as a slide deck or posters; it poses questions about climate change and provides clear, accurate answers. This extended version contains 20 questions and answers and suitable for secondary students.

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Royal Meteorological Society climate change content quality mark

~ 1 hour


Download the slides below in pdf format, slide format, or poster format and select an option for use from the step by step guidance below.


  • Indoors

Curriculum links

  • Geography
  • Chemistry

Step by step

These can be used in different ways, for example: 

  • As a card sort activity or as wall posters within science or geography lessons
  • To promote debate or discussion
  • To review learning as a quiz activity
  • In drama, creative writing or even in an assembly
  • To support the work of an Eco-Committee
  • To support independent research and project work
  • To support homework tasks
  • To aid revision for examinations (at KS4)
  • To enhance teacher knowledge