Points of view for younger learners

This activity asks learners to experience the outdoors from the perspective of wildlife, to encourage thoughtful reflection on how an animal may live in their space. This activity helps learners think about the features and behaviours of different living things and develop empathy for wildlife, through creative role play and communication.  

This activity works best if it can be delivered outside, in the areas being observed – but it can be completed back inside after going outside to explore the site. This activity also pairs well with Anatomy of a tree. For older learners, take a look at Points of view.

Identifying opportunities

< 30 minutes


What you need
  • Points of view EYFS PowerPoint slides 
Curriculum links
  • Understanding the world
  • Communication and Language

Outdoors or inside

Useful guidance

Step by step

  1. Begin by sharing the activity slides with learners – present each animal and the facts about them. You could facilitate discussion around each of the animals to introduce the activity e.g. Who has seen a blackbird before? What sound does a bee make? Where might you find a spider? 
  2. Ask learners to pick one of the animals and act out how that animal might move or behave. How do they move? What sounds do they make?
  3. After the role play, ask other learners to guess which animal they were acting out. Can they explain why they think that?

Thumbnail image: © RHS, Credit: RHS / Helen Bostock